There are many good Moo2 reviews already out there on the internet, so we have just given a brief overview here. Follow any one of the links for a more detailed review.

Good review - takes into account the 1.31 patch.

A review from 1998, you need to sign-up to read the review.

A nice, clean straight-forward review.

What type of Game is Master Of Orion 2 ?

Master Of Orion II was released way back in 1996.     A very long time ago in computer gaming terms.     The fact that 1,000s of people still play the game today is a testiment to how great the game is.     There is also the added bonus that today the game can be bought for less than 10 US Dollers.     Buy the game here.

It's a space-race game where the aim is to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate or "4X" in comuter game gargon.     The Ultimate goal is to rule the Galaxy after vanquishing all other players.

Search the local star systems near your home solar system for suitable planets to colonise.

Colonise more and more solar systems and planets, reaching deeper into the Galaxy.

Use each planet for Food, Building, Science or just a breading ground to increase population.

Build space ships to defend your empire and to destroy or capture ememy planets.


Turn Based Game Play. One of the biggest advantages between Master Of Oiron 2 and most mainstream computer games is that events do not happen in Real Time.     Instead all actions are brought into effect at the end of a "TURN".     Thus there is plenty of time to plan the next move and you won't be killed if you have to spend a few minutes reading the help or answering a telephone call.

Imagine for a moment if Classic Board games like Chess or Monopoly were played in Real time - mayhem would ensue.     Turn Based game play makes Master Of Orion 2 easy for the beginner learn.     You can take your time and try different allocation of resorces.     If you spend 2 minutes desiging a Battleship you don't need to worry that your empire is being attacked.     In Multi-player gaming it does not matter if your opponate has a better internet connection.     Turn based play provides a level playing field.