The Un-official
Master Of Orion II
Modification 1.32

  We are a group of dedicated Moo2 Fans.
  We have brought together a plethora of
  Moo2 editors and other Program editors
  With the aim of developing the first,
  New Major modifiaction for
  Master Of Orion II

  Since 11 April 1997.


1.32 Overview and summary of changes.

In this release the changes made are aimed 
at an average technology game.  The basic
idea was to bring into play some of those
technologies never used by non-creative
races and to increase the Power of the 
AI, computer races.

We have included a Front-End app which allows
the game to be swapped easily between 1.31
and 1.32.

Typically most Average Technology, Medium and 
Large Galaxy games can be concluded by turn
150 (3515.0), so we have concentrated on 
technologies costing less than 2,000 research 
points. View the comparison technology
tables to see what we have changed. 

1.32 Changes.

The scope of Modification 1.32 will encompass: Last Update:
1) New Hero characteristics. 2 Jan 2002
2) New Race Pick Values. 21 Feb 2001
3) Modified race picks for the AI computer players. T.B.A
4) TECHNOLOGY: Research Points Cost for Technologies. 3 Jan 2001
5) TECHNOLOGY: Research Path Trees. 22 Dec 2001
6) Maintenance costs for Buildings. 3 Jan 2001
7) Production costs to build a Building. 24 Jan 2001
8) Size, Cost and Power of Weapons and Specials. 14 Feb 2002
9) Ships Hull Sizes and costs. 24 Dec 2001
10) Amour and Structure Strength. 24 Dec 2001
11) Bug fixes are outside the scope of this modification.

Editors Choice: Rejected Changes and Who Are We Anyway?